Don't wait for tomorrow, you live now!

Do you long for: a high quality of life with good health, a life in which you feel empowered, a trip around the world, a loving relationship, a career switch, a move, etc. But are you afraid to take the necessary steps or do you not know where to start? Do you no longer want to be held back by the voices in your head, but do you want to be a strong person and change your life in order to make your dreams come true? Request an introductory meeting here. Don’t dream about a second version of yourself, but find your true self. Become the best version you can be and add color to your own life.

Regardless of what your life looks like, retain control over your own life. You are living NOW.

Every day you are not being 100% yourself or you are doing things that make you unhappy, you are weakening your immune system. And every day you are not trying to make your dreams come true, is a lost day. A day that you will never get back.

Who are you? What can you do? What do you want?
What are your standards and values, talents, qualities, passions and how can you use them to live a healthy and happy life? Maybe you don’t know this very well, you are insecure, a perfectionist or feel different from others. I am happy to help you with this. I would love to go on a voyage of discovery with you! See my offer below or sign up for an introductory meeting! Will I soon guide you to your true self and your dream life?


I can hear your ‘but’.
“But I have to pay my fixed costs”.
“But I don’t have time for that.”
“But life doesn’t work that way. “
“But I am sick.”

Believe me, I feel you.
“But” I say this from experience.
The number of days I “lost” became painfully clear to me when I realized that of the 10 years I had lived with my illness, I spent almost 8 years in bed. Illness is terrible, but I am also grateful for that same illness. It has brought me back to myself. Read more about me here.

I thoroughly enjoy every day, especially the little things in life. I like nature and creativity.
I feel powerful and courageous. I am grateful for the freedom and health I am experiencing.
Unfortunately, this has not always been the case.
Now, I am using my expertise and life experience to help, inspire, stimulate and motivate you!
I have every confidence in you.

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testimonial solevita
testimonial solevita

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