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Solevita considers privacy and freedom of expression of paramount importance. For this reason, Solevita has opted for an (English) channel and online community option via Telegram (for lack of better). This way you can gain inspiration and exchange information without censorship. Telegram’s servers are located in Europe. As a result, they have to deal with European legislation. Telegram was designed by Russians, but now it is in the hands of Germans. For more information, I refer to Telegram itself.
You can follow Solevita at: @SolevitabyAD
Solevita strives to be able to offer this on its own website in the future.

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Hire me as a coach

In addition to individual coaching sessions, I can also be hired as a coach during events or retreats in the Netherlands or abroad. Would you like to work with me? As a holistic coach, social worker, breath trainer, experience expert, speaker and information officer, I would like to get in touch with you! I am open to your ideas.
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Sought collaboration/partnerships

As a holistic coach I refer coachees (clients) if necessary, to other professionals and specialists.
Are you a: physician, specialist, psychologist, therapist, personal trainer, coach, dietician, yoga teacher, osteopath, homeopath etc.? And do you subscribe to a holistic vision?
Then I would like to collaborate with you for an early referral of clients (if necessary and in consultation with the client).
Programs and treatments can take place in coordination with the client and professional, next to- or after each other. 

Contact me for an introductory meeting to see if we can do something for each other and our clients/ patients.