Why Solevita?

Solevita is Italian for Sun and Life. The sun makes life on earth possible.

Solevita is a name that fits my life story, but it also reflects what I would like to convey to the outside world: a healthy and happy life, with a wink to finding your own light / believing in your own strength. I am very interested in life, in a broad sense. From the universe to molecules in the human body. In 2018, I left for Italy, because I found out that I felt better in a warm climate. This was intense, but deep down I felt a strong pull and I simply had to go. It turned out to be the best decision of my life. My healthy significantly improved, I met my boyfriend and I experienced a lot of synchronicity. As if I had been touched by magic! I followed the sun to other countries and learned an awful lot about myself and about happiness, health, cultures, the world and life in general.

I now see it as my calling to connect various worlds and to make people aware of their quality of life, their choices, behaviors, ways of thinking and life in general. To inspire, motivate and guide them in their development process.

I see people getting further and further removed from nature, their soul and life as it was probably originally intended to be. More and more people are sick, anxious, exhausted, unhappy or not living their dream life for some reason or another. People often get stuck in obstructing thoughts, programming, patterns and the past (or fear of the future). We humans are only aware of 5% of our behaviors and beliefs. 95% of our actions and beliefs arise from the subconscious mind. I am happy to guide you, so that you can find yourself again and become the best version of yourself. You are the writer of your own life story!