For who?

Ask yourself the following questions to see if my style of coaching suits you:

  • Would you like to retain control over your own life and take matters into your own hands?
  • Are your thoughts drowning out everything else and do you really have difficulty knowing what you feel or what you want?
  • Have you always felt different from others? Or the feeling that you don’t quite fit into this society?
  • Are you (perhaps) insecure, versatile, a perfectionist, (highly) sensitive and/or (highly) gifted?
  • Do you experience any health problems and would you like to tackle the cause holistically instead of just the symptoms?
  • Are you interested in- or curious about a healthy lifestyle, personal development and spirituality (meaning)?
  • Have you been sent from pillar to post and are you looking for the holistic ‘helicopter view’ about your life or situation?
  • Do you often go through life in a rush and is your breathing ‘high’?
  • Do you know deep down that a healthier and happier life is possible?
  • Do you want to change, improve your quality of life and make your dreams come true, but don’t know exactly how?
  • Do you want to take steps under supervision to step out of your comfort zone?
  • Are you willing to self-examine your behavior, thoughts and life?
  • Do you travel a lot, are you house-bound or do you just enjoy online coaching (via Skype or Zoom)?
    (Prefer offline? Send an email for the offline options).
  • Do the texts on this website appeal to you?
  • Do you pursue a holistic view?
  • Does your intuition say: this is where I have to be?!

Then I would be happy to guide you in your discovery and development process, towards a healthy and happy life!