About Solevita: Vision & Method

Anyone who wants to retain responsibility for their own development process is more than welcome at Solevita.
I see you as a unique person, regardless of your age, gender, appearance, status or achievements.
I am interested in who you really are, on the inside, without a ‘mask’. Without material possessions or patterns, programming, beliefs and the restrictions that we have imposed upon ourselves or that we have allowed others to impose upon us. If you don’t quite know this yourself, I will gladly help you on your journey. I see the human being as a whole, or in a holistic way: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Each person has its own qualities, talents, vulnerabilities, patterns and barriers. Within the field of holistic coaching, I am working as a transformation-, systemic-, health-, breath- and life coach.

What does this mean in (online) practice? I am offering both coaching in Dutch and English. I can identify links between different parts or situations in life and the human body. As a coach, I am making no distinction in the topics I do or do not discuss with my clients. Everything in life is interlinked. If there is no balance in life and in the human body, you simply fall over. I don’t work according to a learned method, as every person is different and I like to offer tailor-made guidance. However, I may use a certain exercise as a tool or apply a certain breathing technique to allow you to be more in touch with your own body. I mainly ask reflective and in-depth questions. Because all answers are hidden within you, sometimes guarded by “walls”. Together, we will get to the core of it, allowing you to process, learn, change and make your dreams come true.

Areas of life
– Health & lifestyle
– Relaxation & rest
– Career & work
– Finances
– Social contacts
– Family life
– Love relationships
– Home & living environment
– Meaning of life & purpose
– Personal development & spirituality
– Hobbies & leisure activity
– Intellectuality & learning